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Heya! I'm Gumi and I live in the Land of Ooo :3 I got cool friends like Finn, PB, Marcy...
man I could go on! Anyways, let's hang out so talk to me!

//I have Gumi mostly RP in the Adventure Time world with my AT RP buds but if you're not in that world then I RP as a normal Gumi Megpoid. Send me asks!

If you're interested in the content that will show up on my blog, just include "/blogcontent" after the .com in the url~
If you want to learn more about me as a person then include "/about" after the .com ^u^

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//This was from the first day of the con hehe. Me and my casual Miku cosplay and Nick being Goku :D

Oh my gosh okay so-

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Nyan Rainbow Dash!

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